What’s this all about then? I’ll tell you.

My name is Glenn Hustler (AKA: HustlerByName)

I guess you can call me an illustrator, or comics artist, I usually make do with “doodler” because I don’t really care what my job title is. I draw things. It’s that simple really.

I specialise mainly in sad comic strips about the struggle of life. My dour monochromatic pieces are often a cathartic response to the fairly bleak surroundings I find in Bradford, in the media and in what passes as culture. If I wasn’t drawing things, I’d only be moaning about it all (a lot more), and no one wants that. Least of all me. So here’s hoping this is a viable career path. I’ve done some work here and there, which is encouraging.

Speaking of which, in no particular order, includes:

  • A T-Shirt design for Courtney Barnett, a Singer, songwriter & founder of the awesome Milk records label based in Melbourne
  • An EP cover design for West Yorkshire’s greatest hip hop/jazz export “Tough Crowd”,
  • Numerous magazine covers for Bradford’s cultural magazine  “Bradford Review“.
  • An illustrated map of Bradford that has been used by the Drunken Film Festival, and the Capital of Cycling organisation.
  • A poster/flyer for ‘Buy Nowt Day‘ hosted at Delius Arts Centre by Artworks Creative.
  • A comedy gig poster for a design competition held by the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I also briefly ran my own shop in the Sunbridge Wells tunnels development under the streets of Bradford in which I sold all my own original art, prints, and illustrated merchandise including tote bags, pocket mirrors, t-shirts, posters, greetings cards and postcards, badges and stickers (Some of which are still available to buy through the website you are currently on, nudge-nudge, wink-wink!)

During this time, I did a really rubbish T.V. interview for the local news. If you saw that then I sincerely apologise.

I should mention that while there I also sold photography prints from Fellow Bradfordian & monochrome fanboy John Cade (An exceptionally talented photographer specialising in stark, gritty street documentary in trusty black and white) and Flame Griller albums on CD and Vinyl, (Hip hop music blended with jazz bristling with clever, witty lyrics about life and other such issues, their most famous fan at the time of writing is Frankie Boyle. So there’s my claim to fame). They’re both objectively bloody brilliant and I order you to check them out. Will you do that? Good.

These days, my time is mainly spent at my new HQ up at Delius Arts & Cultural Centre on Great Horton Road. I’m drawing on things all the time so, y’know, keep your eyes peeled and that!